A Next Generation
Business Club

Greater is home to a vibrant network of globally-minded leaders rooted in Asia:
bold thinkers, curious visionaries and changemakers.
But it’s more than just a business club: it’s a hub of extraordinary experiences for personal and professional growth; a web of meaningful, honest connections; an entire ecosystem where global affairs, purpose, commerce, culture and learning collide.

What We Do

Our aim is to create a vibrant network of C-Suites, Directors, Executives, passionate changemakers, decision makers and pioneers, who value the sharing of essential insights, purposeful experiences, and invaluable resources. Through these forging of meaningful connections promotes growth and opportunities for business leaders in APAC.
We envision ourselves to be the leading contemporary business and social club in Asia that bolsters personal and professional growth, creates meaningful connections, and facilitates key opportunities for today’s leaders.

This is achieved through our 4 core offerings.


Our members are consistently learning
and unlearning, through a curated programme of talks, workshops, panels, discussions, tailored for our community’s personal and professional growth.


Greater believes that connection is crucial — we seek to build lasting relationships within members, and at the same time embed ourselves within our wider, local communities, building positive impact.


Home to members across APAC, The Great Room shared spaces encourage productivity and collaboration. It is designed to be a home away from home, and office away from office.


We are Greater Together: we constantly grow and strengthen our community through innovative, diverse and authentic collaborations, sharing knowledge and resources through our networks.

Chat with Us

Interested to understand more about what Greater has to offer and how you may benefit from our programmes and offerings?
Have a chat with our membership manager over coffee at The Great Room, Afro-Asia to find out if Greater is the right community for you

The Community

We’re building Greater as a North Star for leaders, a gathering for Greater minds and Greater hearts. Those ready for a journey of unparalleled and unexpected personal and professional growth, building meaningful connections, accelerating learning and embracing collaborative opportunities will find their home here

Will you evolve into the Greater version of yourself with us?

We spark ideas and generate opportunities, and at our core is the belief that connections and community make us Greater Together, paving the way towards the next-generation of doing business. Greater is for the passionate entrepreneur, investor, creative, problem-solver, business leader, activist, policy-maker, and society leader in all of us.


Greater Pursuit

With Greater Purpose

And Greater Presence

Make for Greater People

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