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A Next Generation
Business Club


Moving beyond titles, from intellect to awareness, knowledge to wisdom, egosystem to ecosystem. A Greater leader impacts, navigates and guides with calm confidence and integrity.

Greater was incubated at, and is supported by The Great Room.

The Great Room being the answer to the unique needs of today’s dynamic workforce. Beyond productivity, our spaces are also designed to be the perfect backdrop to connections, inspiration and repose. Through thoughtfully designed immersive experiences that span global affairs, commerce, culture and learning, we spark ideas and connections for you to be Greater.

Here are the tools, you take the lead. 


Driven by Performance, Purpose & Play.
We facilitate an eco-system of learning, collaboration, connection, and giving back.


Across 10 locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney, access The Great Room’s work social spaces that inspire. We are your office away from office.

Meet the Community

A gathering for great minds and greater hearts. We are home to leaders looking for authentic connections, collaborative opportunities, and leadership mastery.


First-person narratives in a fireside chat, coaching opportunities, a leadership profiling exercise, and workshops led by industry experts. We aim to provide you with best-in-class tools that set you up for success.


Join us in the pursuit of meaningful growth as we explore purpose-led business themes such as philanthropy and ESG. Our ESG Collective is led by Greater member Dr Darian McBain, a renowned leader in the field who lends her expertise to promote a dynamic ESG ecosystem in Singapore.


It’s all work, it’s all play! Games night, networking drinks, wellness and retail experiences await as we believe that life should be enjoyed in balance, and sometimes the best connections are first made recreationally.

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Meet the Greater You – one who is committed to leading a purposeful and inspired life; one who believes in the importance of upskilling themselves so as to take the next step in their career; one who understands that thoughtfully-designed work-social spaces increase productivity; and one who wants to make meaningful connections with industry captains.