Greater Purpose

Greater’s purpose-led programming extends beyond the strict confines of the 9–5

Connection is critical to the human experience, both professionally and personally. We seek to build lasting relationships, not just between Greater’s professionals, but beyond too, and embed ourselves in our local communities, creating positive impact in and with them.

Promoting Impact

Beyond business, the greater purpose of our members will come alive in our events programme across climate and sustainability; health and nutrition; employment and economic opportunity; gender empowerment; education and skills; arts and culture.

Purposeful Programming

The truth is, the responsibility of driving sustained, regenerative impact rests not only on world leaders, but also on every one of us as micro-changemakers, engaged in our own perceptive, empathetic and inspired ways.


Giving isn’t just about our relationships with each other, but also about reimagining our communities beyond our immediate relationships. At Greater, we believe in going further – doing good for the communities we live and work in. We are committed to active community engagement, responding to the needs of the communities around us, and the challenges that we collectively face in the world today.

To support these efforts and in alignment with our own purpose, Greater is also committed to donating to non-profit organisations, charities and notable initiatives every year.

In Partnership With

We Support

Will you evolve into the Greater version of yourself with us?

We spark ideas and generate opportunities, and at our core is the belief that connections and community make us Greater Together, paving the way towards the next-generation of doing business. Greater is for the passionate entrepreneur, investor, creative, problem-solver, business leader, activist, policy-maker, and society leader in all of us.

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Our members are consistently learning
and unlearning, through a curated programme of talks, workshops, panels, discussions, tailored for our community’s personal and professional growth.



Home to members across APAC, The Great Room shared spaces encourage productivity and collaboration. It is designed to be a home away from home, and office away from office.



We are Greater Together: we constantly grow and strengthen our community through innovative, diverse and authentic collaborations, sharing knowledge and resources through our networks.