Greater Presence

Home is where The Great Room locations across APAC

Greater dwells in The Great Room, with its multiple workspaces across cities including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, providing versatile spaces for work and play, a think and a drink. 

A space thoughtfully designed to encourage collaboration and productivity. Like Greater, The Great Room is more than business.

The Great Room was inspired by the desire for somewhere to gather, create, and innovate, rather than merely get things done. Work isn’t all about checklist-ticking and agenda-writing productivity, after all: it’s also about new conversations, connections, contemplation and repose.

From Meeting and Working to Learning and Pleasure

The shared spaces serve the spectrum of functions, from meeting agendas and to-do lists, to fireside chats, to discussion over drinks. Located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok (and more in the cards), they are elegant touchdown points that offer respite from hectic travel schedules and hospitality from day to night.

The Greater Presence package is tailored to the contemporary working professional’s various schedules, and is designed to be a home away from home, and office away from office…a base for our members.

Access to 7 locations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok

Light hotdesking access to all Great Room locations

[2] guests sign-in to The Great Room common areas

Discounted members rates on additional The Great Room work, meeting and elegant event venues

Ready to Experience the Club?

A space for deepening connections within the Greater community.

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Our members are consistently learning
and unlearning, through a curated programme of talks, workshops, panels, discussions, tailored for our community’s personal and professional growth.



Greater believes that connection is crucial — we seek to build lasting relationships within members, and at the same time embed ourselves within our wider, local communities, building positive impact.



We are Greater Together: we constantly grow and strengthen our community through innovative, diverse and authentic collaborations, sharing knowledge and resources through our networks.