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Leaders Building Leaders

Meet our community

Greater is a North Star for Leaders

Moving beyond titles, from intellect to awareness, knowledge to wisdom, egosystem to ecosystem. A greater leader impacts, navigates and guides with calm confidence and integrity. We are home to leaders looking for authentic connection, collaborative opportunities, and leadership mastery.

Meet Our Greater Leaders

As the faces of the community, our Greater Leaders are ambassadors of the club. They are visionaries and changemakers, notable figures from different industries and diverse backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of experience and connections. These are humans who are not only incredible in what they do, but who are also deeply invested in building and shaping our Greater community. If you’re lucky, you might catch them running the show at some of our year-round programming!

Greater Collectives

Greater Collectives, also commonly known as special interest groups, are a member-driven initiative that brings together members within  the club around a common theme. It supports and promotes community-based learning for members to share their knowledge, exchange perspectives and work experiences.

Through the collective, members are given the opportunity to connect with other members who have a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge and learning. It exists to address emerging issues or trends.

ESG Hub Collective

Our vision is to build an ecosystem across Asia Pacific of people working on ESG impact related topics. Diversity of the ecosystem is key – we want everyone, banks, regulators, NGOs, startups, climate tech, funders, foundations, philanthropists, academia – all to have a place to connect and share ideas across Asia Pacific.

Family Office (Invite-only)

In partnership with For Generations To Come Pte. Ltd.

For Generations To Come (FGTC) is the first truly independent private members only club focused on sharing investment knowledge amongst family offices (FOs) and high net worth individuals (HNWI). It’s the ideal place to network with peers in a “safe” environment, discuss opportunities, get insights and learn about the investment industry.

Two Greater minds are better than one.

We believe collaborations lead to Greater outcomes. If you are interested in launching a Greater Collective, reach out to us today to see how we can come together to do something great.

The Purpose Committee

At Greater, we believe in going further – doing good for the communities we live and work in. We want to provide members the opportunity to explore topics within the world of social impact, and dive into active community engagement. To support these efforts and in alignment with our own purpose, Greater is also committed to donating to non-profit organisations, charities and notable initiatives every year. To achieve this goal, we formed a committee within the community to help on an advisory capacity to build and strengthen our Purpose initiative.

GREATER Potential Profile™

Presenting our research-backed profiling tool exclusively developed for Greater members to help pinpoint things you are naturally drawn to and identify development opportunities that fit with your learning preferences and personal characteristics.

Because everyone in the Greater community is one-of-a-kind, we create field-tested tools that work on your personal and professional growth.