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The seed for Greater was sowed in The Great Room, which came to be to meet the need for a more holistic space to do business. But a physical space alone wouldn’t answer the calls of an audience hungry for knowledge and meaningful connections. Greater was born to be more than a business club, bringing leaders together to grow personally and professionally.

At Greater, you’ll find people who have something innately different—some call it a spark. A creative who sees the little things that most miss, an entrepreneur breaking new ground in their industry, a seasoned professional looking to stay on top of their game, a curious problem-solver. (You know what they say: Great minds never think alike.)

A Greater Beginning

The Greater membership club was launched in April 2022. At our launch event, we showcased what it means to be a part of the Greater community – a place where you learn and grow alongside business leaders, industry experts and pioneers.

From social advocacy to green architecture, we delved into the trends that are shaping the future world view.

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Catch the Highlights

If this sounds like the home you’ve been looking for, join us: your story is still waiting to be written.

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Driven by Performance, Purpose & Play. We facilitate an eco-system of learning, collaboration, connection, and giving back.

Work Social Spaces

Across 8 locations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok, access The Great Room’s work social spaces that inspire. We are your office away from office.

Our Community

Visionaries and changemakers from diverse backgrounds, incredible at what they do, and care about shaping our Greater community.